During this time when many church services are being held predominantly online, we are making some recordings available for download and giving permission for them to be used in online worship by churches in Scotland. More information and a full list of available downloads can be found here

These web pages contain sample recordings of will allow you to listen to and search the breadth of music available in the Church Hymnary 4th edition (CH4). Here you will find hidden gems and alternative arrangements to familiar songs that will inspire creativity and spark fresh curiosity about how we best use music in worship.

You can bring up a list of songs by searching by keyword, tune, theme, author, composer and metre. This mirrors all of the indexes in the hymnbook. Once you have a list of search results you can either play the audio sample by clicking the play button or you can click on the song title to go to the detail page for that song. There you will find lots more information, including alternative tunes and recordings.

Playlists can be found by clicking on the Inspire Me and Weekly Worship tabs, where collections of songs have been created for particular themes or days in the church year. These are not intended to be exhaustive but to offer some inspiration. You can create your own playlists to save for later or share with others on the Your Playlists page.



Featured Playlists

Ukraine Songs to use in response to the situation in Ukraine
Pentecost Hymns inspired by the coming of the Holy Spirit
Follow Me Hymns on the theme of following Christ